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ONT≠KOP Silent Rose Polo

ONT≠KOP Silent Rose Polo

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Light Polo Shirt: Sustainable, Versatile Wardrobe Staple
• Crafted from recycled PET mesh and Dead-Stock material.
• Combines style, comfort, glamour, sustainability.

Recycled PET Mesh Shirt
• Made from repurposed plastic bottles.
• Showcases commitment to waste reduction.
• Supports a greener future without compromising style.

Light Polo Shirt Features:
• Lightweight recycled PET mesh fabric for comfort.
• Mesh construction for optimal breathability.
• Ideal for warm weather or active lifestyles.
• Contributes to a sustainable future.

Made-To-Wear Products

• Minimizes waste.

• Prevents overproduction and overconsumption.

Each piece is made with consciousness and has a social impact. You help young artists in Ghana to start their own business. More about our NNOBOA Space Project here:

CERTIFIED MATERIAL U-Circular Mesh, 90% RPET, 10% EL, Dead-Stock, 100% VI


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