About IMPARI: Colorful, Sustainable Fashion Made with Love

IMPARI, founded by designer Jana Heinemann, is a Berlin-based fashion brand known for its vibrant colors and commitment to sustainable production. At her studio and store in Friedrichshain, Berlin, Jana creates ready-made pieces and entire collections that blend different fabrics, prints, and styles.

Each piece is locally produced with a zero-waste approach, reusing all cutting remnants in future creations. Jana's mission goes beyond fashion; she seeks to connect people through her art, illustrating the world's diversity and encouraging unity.

In Jana's words, "I just try to connect people with my art and show them that we are all not separate. I think the more we show how colorful the world is, the more people will adapt. For me, connecting with other individuals is the most beautiful thing to experience more stories and ways of life. It is simply the greatest gift and the most beautiful inspiration we have. We should all work together with more LOVE and AWARENESS."

IMPARI is a brand that promotes conscious living, individuality, and love. By choosing IMPARI, you're not only embracing your unique style but also making a positive impact on the world.