Customised Production

Get inspired by our self-created prints, materials and collections. Create your very own Impari experience with us.
We design and supervise your very own idea competently, experienced and comprehensively and support you in the implementation.
Let's go back together to more conscious and sustainable outfits that you will wear not only one season, but several years.
Learn to mix and match your Impari outfit and style yourself for multiple occasions.

Show that you can dress consciously and be stylish at the same time!
IMPARI is the experience of being yourself, the state of pure consciousness. Actions, desires and feelings come together.
Wear consciously and be yourself!

What is possible with Impari:

  1. Bridal fashion
  2. occasion fashion
  3. evening fashion
  4. Everyday outfit
  5. Outerwear and underwear (woman,man,various)
  6. Children's clothing
  7. Family outfit
  8. Realization of special ideas!

We are happy to advise you and give you your very own type advice. Let us inspire you, appear self-confident and above all underline your UNIQUE with sustainable fashion.